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  • Biography Creation

    This section is where you should create and post your character, using the templates that have been provided. You do not have to use one of the templates we have created for you but they contain information that is required for your biography to be approved; as long as that information is included in your biography, it should be fine.
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  • Team Creation

    Within the world of My Hero Academia, those with strong quirks don't usually make it far in the world alone. That's why people form teams, mostly commonly seen within the My Hero Academia world through Hero Offices / Agencies. Pro-heroes can create Agencies and recruit side-kicks, whereas villains can band together to multiply their chances at taking over the world.
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  • Quirk Creation

    Quirks are inherited genetically and typically manifest in children by the age of four, at the latest. Children will either manifest one of their parent's Quirks or if the two are compatible, a new composite Quirk formed by the fusion of the two. Here, people can create new quirks for their character, but must abide by the Quirk Guidelines.
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  • Object Construction

    Sometimes, heroes can't perform without equipment. Mostly, this comes in the form of restraining items like cuffs or ropes, but sometimes heroes prefer to use more hi-tech gadgets to improve their techniques on the battlefield.
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  • Storage Area

    This section is used for topics and creations that are no longer in use: useless. If your topic and/or creation has been moved here, check for the last post made on that topic, as it will usually contain the reason why. If you do not understand why it was moved, ask the moderator or administrator why it was moved to the storage area.
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